Solar Hybrid PCU 1500VA

1500 VA 24 Volt DC
DSP Microcontroller Based
30 AMP PWM Charger
Short Circuit, Battery Overvoltage, Battery Low voltage, Battery Deep Discharge, Over Temp.(Auto Recovery)
Powered By: Millennium
Country pf Origin: INDIA

Salient Features:
State of Art highly efficient and high switching speed MOSFET based PWM Technology.
Single PCB concept based design for pure sine wave, solar integration and LCD.
Maximum Solar Power extraction and Utilization to save electricity bill and money.
Powerful Charging even during very low Voltage.
Completely Noiseless Operation. Precise Auto Thermal management and protection.
Fastest protection (Almost all) to make rugged and enhance product life.
Advance and reliable software to incorporate and interface SOLAR-UPS Features.
Intelligently Controlled Smart and PFC Charger.
Long Backup with being a pure sine wave output.
5-stage Smart Charging profile with Auto charge Equalization to enhance Battery life.
User Selectable switches to select choice of operation.
Pure sine wave Output at full load.
Dual display mode- LCD & LED