Home UPS 850 VA Crystal

Overview of Product
850 VA 12 Volt DC Quasi Sinewave Home UPS
Single Phase
Micro Controller Based Technology
Manufacturer By: Millennium Technology
Country of Origin: INDIA

Salient Features:
√| Elegant Designer looks.
√| Charging at : 12A, 120V AC input.
√| Wide input charging range : IOOV-300V.
√| PFC Technology : Built-in energy saver.
√| Oscillation Charging system reduces your bills.
√| Best Cooling fan inside for better efficiency & longer life.
√| Temperature Sensor : Shutdown the UPS at High temperature.
√| High Frequency Technique used to avoid computer rebooting.
√| Charge any Battery : Tubular/Flat Plat or SMF.
√| Automatic Charging
√| Gravity Profile Management (GPM) Technology :  Suitable for New/Old battery.
√| Complete Protection From:  Short-Circuit, Phase Reversal, AC Back Feed,
√| Thyristor Short-Circuit,  Reverse Battery Connection, High & Low Voltage. √| Green Mode:  Shutdown in 10 hrs at no load in backup mode,
√| Saves battery backup & enhances battery life.

Technical Specification of 850VA HUPS

Model Number   CrystalQS-850
Rating kVA VA 850 VA
Operating DC voltage V 12
No of Battery Nos 1
Technology Based   Micro Controller Based Technology
Output voltage on inverter mode Vac 220V ± 10V
Output phase   Single Phase
Output Frequency on Inverter Hz 50Hz ± 0.1Hz
Output voltage regulation % < 5 %
Output THD (v) at linear load % < 5 %
Creast Factor   03:01
Efficiency   >85%
Cooling Fan ON at temp °C 55 °C
Cooling Fan Off at temp °C 50 °C
Battery low voltage alarm per battery Vdc 11V ± 0.2V
Battery low voltage cut per battery Vdc 10.7V ± 0.2V
Max Battery charging voltage current by grid per battery Vdc 14.4V ± 0.3V
Max Battery charging current by grid Adc Up To 16Amp
Input Voltage Range (Inv Mode) Vac 100-290V ± 10V
Input Voltage Range (UPS Mode)   180-260 ± 10V
Input current at no load at Nominal Battery voltage Adc 1.8 A Max
Noise @ 1 meter dB < 40 db
Protections   Short Circuit, Phase Reversal, AC Back Feed, Thyristors Short Circuit, Reverse Battery, High and Low Voltage Protection
Indication LEDs   Mains On, Charging On, Ups On, Battery Low, Overload
Changeover time from inverter to mains in UPS mode ms <10 ms
Changeover time from inverter to mains in Normal mode ms <10 ms
Changeover time from mains to inverter in UPS mode ms <10 ms
Changeover time from mains to inverter in Normal mode ms <30 ms
Input Protection   Push to reset Circuit breaker
Mode Selection   UPS/Inverter, Charging Voltage Amp HI/LO
Weight and Dimension
MODEL NAME   CrystalQS-850
Product Dimension (LxWxH) MM 275 x 195 x 110
Packaging Dimension (LxWxH) MM 328 x 330 x 185
Net Weight KG 6.780 Kg
Gross Weight KG 7.510 Kg

NPR 23,500

Code Crystal Home UPS


Size 850 VA 12 Volt

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