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Managing Director


Message from Managing Director

Crystal Eye Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company was started in the year 2014 by young entrepreneurs for the Trading of state-of-the-art power conditioning equipments. Since its inception, it has trade high-quality Electronic Goods Like: Diesel Generators, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Online UPS, HOme UPS and Batteries. 

In the company that we have been working in the sale, maintenance and supply of generators, we also have been working on Online UPS, Servo Voltage Stabilizer as well as Home UPS and Battery.

Lately, we have been importing online UPS, Servo Voltage Stabilizer as well as Home UPS under our own brand name CRYSTAL in collaboration with various companies in India and marketing them.

We congratulate you on buying the CRYSTAL product -popular for its performance & reliability. at CRYSTAL, we have established stringent Production. procedures to manufacture a trouble free and very reliable system.

CRYSTAL enjoys a rich experience in Power Electronics and has a major presence in the Western Part of Nepali markets today. All our products are the outcome of a persistent endeavor to offer better technology and superior performance. Even in the future, we will strive to evolve to Most effective products to meet your power problems & energy solutions.

At this juncture, we would like to mention that a UPS system & SVC (Servo Voltage Controller) is meant to solve power problems at the site. Every product is a solution for the problems in the environment where the load is installed. The environment includes aspects like climatic conditions, local power conditions, connected & surrounding load, load-distribution, wiring & its rating, reversal of wiring and allied problems.

Although each system is functionally tested in the factory, final adjustment and tuning of the unit in your environment to solve the power problems is done by our engineer, at the site.

At this stage our engineer needs your co-operation for an initial period of few days, to get your operators acquainted with the UPS / SVC operation, to collect data on the working environment and to ensure that the product stabilizers & solves the power problems at your location.

This co-operation is important since all site-related conditions do not get simulated on the first day of installation.

We also solicit your feedback on our products. It will greatly help us in fulfilling your requirements more accurately. We are sure you will get excellent performance from our systems and look forward to repeated orders from you.


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Crystal Eye Pvt. Ltd.

Yubraj Dhakal

Managing Director

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