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Fuji Online UPS is specifically designed for operation in poor power quality areas. Fuji provides high power density with long backup time in compact size. It's ideal for ATMs, banking and other business critical applications where a higher backup time is required. Fuji provides the flexibility to adjust charging current from 1A to 6A according to different applications and the possibility to have an additional charger to support longer backup times.

  • Online double conversion UPS.
  • Input power factor corrector 0.99 (PFC)
  • Automatic bypass, allow to transfer the load to the mains in case of overload or internal fault
  • Configurable as Single Phase Input & Output or Three Phase Input and Single Phase output on 10KVA
  • Inbuilt Isolation Transformer (optional) provides a galvanic isolation between the mains and the loads
  • Hot standby Configuration to ensure the availability of Quality power to mission critical applications
  • Battery cold start feature allows UPS to be powered on from the battery without utility
  • Inbuilt Manual bypass in 6 & 10KVA to facilitate concurrent maintenance without disturbing the loads
  • Compact and reduced foot print with inbuilt battery on 1 - 6KVA
CAPACITY           2 kVA            3 kVA            5 kVA / 6 kVA               7.5 kVA                10 kVA
                                                            Single Phase Input - Single Phase Output
Output Wave From Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Battery Voltage            48 Volt            72 Volt
           96 Volt
        96 Volt / 180 Volt
               196 Volt
        180 Volt / 192 Volt               192 Volt
Power Factor                                                                                       0.8 PF
No-load Battery Current                                                                            1.1 Amp ±0.2 Amp
Total Harmonic Distortion                                                                                       <3%
No Load O/P Voltage (L-N)                                                                                230 Volt AC ±1%
Output Frequency                                                                                      50 Hz±0.5Hz
Full Load O/P Voltage (N-L)                                                                                 230 Volt AC ±1%
Low Battery Cut off                                                         10.4 Volt±0.2 Volt DC Per Battery (12 Volt DC Battery)
Low Battery Indication                                                         10.6 Volt±0.2 Volt DC Per Battery (12 Volt DC Battery)
Input Voltage Range (N-L) 140V-280V ± 5V AC 140V-280V ± 5V AC 170 Volt - 270 Volt ± 5V AC 170 Volt - 270 Volt ± 5V AC 170 Volt - 270 Volt ± 5V AC
Input Frequency Range                                                                                40 Hz to 60 Hz
Input Power Factor Lagging                0.9 PF                                                                         0.9 PF
Charging Current      5 to 10 Amp ±1A                                                                   5 to 10 Amp ±1A
Boost Charging Voltage                                                            13.9 Volt ±0.2 Volt DC Per Battery (12 V DC Battery)
Operating Temperature                                                                              Operating: 00C to 450C
Acoustic Noise at 1Mtr                                                                                             <45 dB
Relative Humidity                                                                             Max 95% Non-Condensing
Thermal Management                                                                     Integrated Cooling (Fan and Heat Sink)
Quality                                                                                     ISO 9000, ISO 14001
Safety                                                                                        IEC/EN62040-1
PROTECTIONS Output Not OK, Battery Voltage Low, Over Load , Battery Over Charge, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Mains MCB Tripped
DISPLAY Welcome Message, Capacity, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Load Percentage, Input Voltage and Frequency, Battery Charging, Battery Voltage and All Protections

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