Maintenance Tips

Operation-maintenance-Safety Instruction of GENSET
# Check Fuel Level
# Check Lube Oil Level and quality, lube oil should not be very thick with visible carbon and metal particles
# Check coolant Level.
# Check for any leakage.
# Check for any loose connections
# Check Electrolyte Level in Battery.
# Check the Battery terminals.
# Check Fan BeltTension.
# Check Battery Charger working.
# Drain the Diesel from fuel tank weekly in winter season
# Please check all the Nut, Bolts, Engine/alternator foundation bolts and loose cable connections tightening at the time of commissioning and then monthly.
# Always use Genuion Lubricating OIL to avail two year warranty.
# Purchase all spare parts from authorized Service Center.
# Refer Engine Maintenance Manual for routine and daily maintenance check.
# If the DG setis with AMF panel please do not touch live wire as mains also flow from AMF panel even if DG SET IS OFF.
# Don’ts check coolant level, while DG is in running.
# Don’ts change any wiring or modify any wiring it may attract void of warranty.
# Please do not get repaired and serviced the DG set by unauthorized person. It may attract void of warranty. It should be done by the manufacturer or authorized Service Dealer.

Maintenance Tips for Home UPS & Battery
# Check Battery Health When It is Fully Charged.
# Clean The Battery Terminals Regularly.
# Check The Acid Level Regularly.
# Store The Inverter in an Airy Space.
# Keep The Battery Surface Clean.
# Use The Inverter Regularly.
# Maintain Wire Health.
From safety point of view, install the Home UPS and Battery at safe places in your home which is a less used area or out of the reach of children.

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