Salient Features:
√| Elegant Designer looks. √| Charging at : 12A, 120V AC input.
√| Wide input charging range : IOOV-300V.
√| PFC Technology : Built-in energy saver.
√| Oscillation Charging system reduces your bills. √| Best Cooling fan inside for better efficiency & longer life.
√| Temperature Sensor : Shutdown the UPS at High temperature. √| High Frequency Technique used to avoid computer rebooting. √| Charge any Battery : Tubular/Flat Plat or SMF.
√| Automatic Charging
√| Gravity Profile Management (GPM) Technology : Suitable for New/Old battery.
√| Complete Protection From: Short-Circuit, Phase Reversal, AC Back Feed,
√| Thyristor Short-Circuit, Reverse Battery Connection, High & Low Voltage.
√| Green Mode: Shutdown in 10 hrs at no load in backup mode,
√| Saves battery backup & enhances battery life.