What is an Home UPS / Inverter?
An Home UPS / Inverter converts the DC voltage to an AC voltage. In most cases, the input DC voltage is usually lower while the AC output Voltage.

Home UPS is the power backup needed by devices, specifically computers, Light, Fan and Other Small official and residential equipment, to continue functioning efficiently for a couple of minutes in the event of a power failure. In contrast, the primary function of an inverter is to transform DC to AC by transferring the power through the battery of an outside source.

The inverter may be built as to work as a backup power supply from batteries which are charged separately.

An inverter provides an ac voltage from dc power sources and is useful in powering electronics and electrical equipment rated at the ac mains voltage. In addition they are widely used in the switched mode power supplies inverting stages. The circuits are classified according the switching technology and switch type, the waveform, the frequency and output waveform

There are different types of inverters based on the shape of the switching waveform. These have varying circuit configurations, efficiencies, advantages and disadvantages