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Crystal Eye Pvt. Ltd.
Butwal-10, Kalikanagar Rupandehi Lumbini Province Nepal
Tell No.: 071 437424 | 9857023662 | 9851103943

We would like to introduce our company: Crystal Eye Pvt. Ltd., established in 2014, Crystal Eye Pvt. Ltd. is “a total power solution company” whose main objective is to supply electrical materials required for alternative Backup Power either imported from other countries or domestically manufacture. The registered office of this company, which was established to manage the energy crisis by production, is located in Butwal sub-metropolitan ward number-10, Kalikanagar, Rupandehi in Nepal. 

Crystal Eye Pvt. Ltd. is working for EICHER Diesel Generator Set for Lumbini Province. In fact, we are trying to meet the growing demand of EICHER Diesel Generator potential in our own field. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as strong technical and business thinkers. Our company is ready to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with teams of excellent technical capabilities.

At present, we are working as an official and authorized National Importer for the Nation for “CRYSTAL” Brand Home UPS and we are working as an authorized seller for Servo Voltage CONTROLLERVoltage Stabilizer and Industrial Type Heavy Duty Online UPS in Nepal. 

All these products are available in different capacities as mentioned in the Products section of this website. After our establishment, we have been continuously serving the nation in the energy sector. We have been providing sales, service and spare parts at various locations across the country through our registered office Butwal. There are many large corporate houses, commercial banks, large professional educational institutes as well as schools and colleges, two-stars to five-star hotels and resorts, large type of hospitals (government, private and clinics), manufacturing industries are among our prime clients. And these lists are increasing day by day in various fields.

Our Vision:                                              
Always being the first in the market with the best products and services and working to meet the expectations of the customers.
Our Mission                                             
Crystal Eye Pvt Ltd is committed to ensure excellence in the quality of their products and services.
Values of Company                          
We have a strong and experienced team with the motto “We Solve” we have built ourselves as a responsible team.